What Our Clients Have to Say About Our Flight Training Course

William Dubel said:


Adding the multi-engine rating has been on my list for years. I called Rob with Multi Engine Time Building and was able to get my preferred week scheduled along with an extra day of instruction since I had not been flying as much. The ground with Jeremy was very thorough with everything you need to know about their aircraft and of course to prepare for the oral. I did my best to familiarize myself fully with the Twin Comanche, understand all materials and chair fly prior to flying, though I don’t think it is possible to fully prepare for your first experience with an engine failure on climb out! I found the multi engine rating to be the most fun rating so far. The pace was perfect, the weather was great, and the training provided a lot of challenges and new perspectives. Ryan was my instructor and worked to keep me on my toes and get my procedures up to task. Rob, Jeremy and Ryan all made sure all my questions were answered. I was prepared going into the check ride and had no surprises. I know Rob and his instructors cared about my success and take pride in their aircraft and instruction. I highly recommend Multi Engine Time Building! Thank you, Rob, Jeremy and Ryan!

Ashlie G said :


Email: amgimbel@aol.com
I am very happy that I choose Rob and Multi-Engine Time Building.Com to get my MEI. It is an accelerated program and you do need to go into it having studied the material but I felt the pace of the course was good. It was my choice to add some extra flights in and Rob accommodated my request with no problem. My instructor Ryan was a very knowledgeable and skilled multi-engine instructor. He helped me transition to the instructor role of twin flying with patience while allowing me gain confidence in my abilities. The Twin Comanche was a great airplane to fly. It is obvious that Rob takes care of his airplanes and they are well maintained. I went into my check ride feeling confident and competent. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone looking to time build or add a Multi rating to their certificate. Thank you for helping me achieve this goal!

Julia Jacobs said:


Email: juliamjacobs1@gmail.com
I am so impressed with how smoothly this program worked. I traveled to Phoenix for one week specifically for the Multi Engine Commercial Add-on course and had more than enough time to complete it. There were no maintenance issues or instructor availability issues. They run like a machine! Owner Rob and CFI Matt were fantastic teachers and made the process painless and fun. Thank you guys!!

Anthony Skinner said: Honolulu


Email: askinner007@yahoo.com
ATP Multi the most challenging course you will do! with Matts skilled guidance and Robs sound running plane I was able to knock out the 4 day course and check ride. Would recommend to anyone to take this training with Multitimebuilding, the time and money you would waist going anywhere else and trying to coordinate a plane, instructor and DPE is mind numbing, they do it all for you, except the studying and flying. Ask about the ATP and Multi oral prep, its well worth it!

David Reznik said:

Dec 20, 2019

Short story, I would highly recommend the Multi Engine Time Building accelerated Multi Engine course. It is one of the most cost effective and quickest courses that you can find. The long story is below. I live in California and setting up a DPE and a multi engine flight instructor was getting to be impossible. I’d secure an instructor and then try to setup up the check ride with a DPE. However, each DPE would say “you need to be signed off first before I can add you to my schedule.” The average schedule for any DPE in the bay area was always 2 to 3 months out at a minimum. So if I did get the training and the sign off from the MEI I’d most likely be out of the 60 day training sign off and need additional training. As multi engine training is some of the most expensive flying that you can do, I would be wasting a lot of money getting re-trained to take the check ride. That is where Multi Engine Time Building came in. I decided I needed to find an accelerated multi engine course. I did some research online and found a couple of blog posts with positive reviews for Rob and Multi Engine Time Building. I also called a couple other accelerated courses that I found too. However, Rob was the only one that not only called me back but also said he had the resources (plane, instructor, and DPE) to get me setup for my training and check ride. In not too long Rob called me back again with a date for the start of the course and a date for the check ride. Rob then pointed me to the online resources and stressed that it was very important to study the material so that I could be prepared for the course. About a month and a half later I arrived in Arizona for my training. The first day was ground school and I was pleased to find that it was taught by a very knowledgeable instructor. The training was consistent with all of the home studying I had done and the instructor was able to answer all of the questions I had that I could not find answers too on my own. The next four days was flight training. My instructor was Matt. Matt was a very professional, knowledgeable and motivational instructor. It also did not hurt that he had a great laid back attitude to help keep you calm when one of the fans stops turning. The training program covers all of the maneuvers in the ACS. Each of the four flights will have you doing the required maneuvers over and over again until you are comfortable doing them. This even includes fully shutting one of the engines down in flight with a restart at least once a flight. After 8.5 hours of flying over the four days I was pretty confident that I could pass the test. Sure enough on check ride day there were no surprises because I was so well -prepared that I passed the test!

Aaron Walker said:


Aaron Walker 

Rob, has a great operation going. I contacted him for MEI a few months out. I then attended one of the Zoom monthly ground trainings. Showed up at KGEU for a week of flight training with Davis and checkride on Friday. They have multiple checkrides going per week so they know what is going on. It is a casual environment designed to give you the tools to prepare. I am a big fan of the twin Comanche which is a bonus. Also got to meet Fred, one of the other instructors who is a legend! Thank you Rob & Davis for the great experience!!