Multi Engine Flight School

What Our Clients Have to Say About Our Flight Training Course

William Dubel said:


Adding the multi-engine rating has been on my list for years. I called Rob with Multi Engine Time Building and was able to get my preferred week scheduled along with an extra day of instruction since I had not been flying as much. The ground with Jeremy was very thorough with everything you need to know about their aircraft and of course to prepare for the oral. I did my best to familiarize myself fully with the Twin Comanche, understand all materials and chair fly prior to flying, though I don’t think it is possible to fully prepare for your first experience with an engine failure on climb out! I found the multi engine rating to be the most fun rating so far. The pace was perfect, the weather was great, and the training provided a lot of challenges and new perspectives. Ryan was my instructor and worked to keep me on my toes and get my procedures up to task. Rob, Jeremy and Ryan all made sure all my questions were answered. I was prepared going into the check ride and had no surprises. I know Rob and his instructors cared about my success and take pride in their aircraft and instruction. I highly recommend Multi Engine Time Building! Thank you, Rob, Jeremy and Ryan!

Ashlie G said :


Email: amgimbel@aol.com
I am very happy that I choose Rob and Multi-Engine Time Building.Com to get my MEI. It is an accelerated program and you do need to go into it having studied the material but I felt the pace of the course was good. It was my choice to add some extra flights in and Rob accommodated my request with no problem. My instructor Ryan was a very knowledgeable and skilled multi-engine instructor. He helped me transition to the instructor role of twin flying with patience while allowing me gain confidence in my abilities. The Twin Comanche was a great airplane to fly. It is obvious that Rob takes care of his airplanes and they are well maintained. I went into my check ride feeling confident and competent. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone looking to time build or add a Multi rating to their certificate. Thank you for helping me achieve this goal!

Julia Jacobs said:


Email: juliamjacobs1@gmail.com
I am so impressed with how smoothly this program worked. I traveled to Phoenix for one week specifically for the Multi Engine Commercial Add-on course and had more than enough time to complete it. There were no maintenance issues or instructor availability issues. They run like a machine! Owner Rob and CFI Matt were fantastic teachers and made the process painless and fun. Thank you guys!!

Anthony Skinner said: Honolulu


Email: askinner007@yahoo.com
ATP Multi the most challenging course you will do! with Matts skilled guidance and Robs sound running plane I was able to knock out the 4 day course and check ride. Would recommend to anyone to take this training with Multitimebuilding, the time and money you would waist going anywhere else and trying to coordinate a plane, instructor and DPE is mind numbing, they do it all for you, except the studying and flying. Ask about the ATP and Multi oral prep, its well worth it!

David Reznik said:

Dec 20, 2019

Short story, I would highly recommend the Multi Engine Time Building accelerated Multi Engine course. It is one of the most cost effective and quickest courses that you can find. The long story is below. I live in California and setting up a DPE and a multi engine flight instructor was getting to be impossible. I’d secure an instructor and then try to setup up the check ride with a DPE. However, each DPE would say “you need to be signed off first before I can add you to my schedule.” The average schedule for any DPE in the bay area was always 2 to 3 months out at a minimum. So if I did get the training and the sign off from the MEI I’d most likely be out of the 60 day training sign off and need additional training. As multi engine training is some of the most expensive flying that you can do, I would be wasting a lot of money getting re-trained to take the check ride. That is where Multi Engine Time Building came in. I decided I needed to find an accelerated multi engine course. I did some research online and found a couple of blog posts with positive reviews for Rob and Multi Engine Time Building. I also called a couple other accelerated courses that I found too. However, Rob was the only one that not only called me back but also said he had the resources (plane, instructor, and DPE) to get me setup for my training and check ride. In not too long Rob called me back again with a date for the start of the course and a date for the check ride. Rob then pointed me to the online resources and stressed that it was very important to study the material so that I could be prepared for the course. About a month and a half later I arrived in Arizona for my training. The first day was ground school and I was pleased to find that it was taught by a very knowledgeable instructor. The training was consistent with all of the home studying I had done and the instructor was able to answer all of the questions I had that I could not find answers too on my own. The next four days was flight training. My instructor was Matt. Matt was a very professional, knowledgeable and motivational instructor. It also did not hurt that he had a great laid back attitude to help keep you calm when one of the fans stops turning. The training program covers all of the maneuvers in the ACS. Each of the four flights will have you doing the required maneuvers over and over again until you are comfortable doing them. This even includes fully shutting one of the engines down in flight with a restart at least once a flight. After 8.5 hours of flying over the four days I was pretty confident that I could pass the test. Sure enough on check ride day there were no surprises because I was so well -prepared that I passed the test!

Aaron Walker said:


Aaron Walker 

Rob, has a great operation going. I contacted him for MEI a few months out. I then attended one of the Zoom monthly ground trainings. Showed up at KGEU for a week of flight training with Davis and checkride on Friday. They have multiple checkrides going per week so they know what is going on. It is a casual environment designed to give you the tools to prepare. I am a big fan of the twin Comanche which is a bonus. Also got to meet Fred, one of the other instructors who is a legend! Thank you Rob & Davis for the great experience!!

Stephen Rodman said:


Did a 4 day comm multi add on course. I live in San Diego so learning to fly in a new area and do their approaches, while also being accelerated, seemed daunting. Best decision I’ve made. These guys will get you up to speed in no time. Everyone at METB is there to support you. They have all the knowledge and experience to get you what you need. They did a fantastic job and I’m coming back to get my MEI!

Maxwell Schneller said:


METB gets your your multi in a time-efficient, economical manner. The aircraft maintenance history and student lesson plans are very transparent. Rob is a kind, communicative business owner and Davis Lille is an experienced, skilled MEI. From even before your first flight lesson, you are given all the tools, training, knowledge, and materials that you need to pass your checkride. That being said, it is an accelerated course! You will do yourself a great service coming to this program already proficient (not merely current.) This goes for VFR as well as IFR pilots. Self-study is an integral part of this program, as well. While Rob and the instructors are more than available to answer any and all questions you have, you must spend your own time studying the material and chair flying in order to become proficient enough to pass your ride. A+, 10/10, would recommend!

Ken Maroney said:


These guys know what they are doing. I know everyone has had a bad provider or instructor so it may be tough to trust the unknown but these guys are the best in the business. Between the schedule/timely maintenance touch ups, hands on approach, and the quality of instruction there isn’t a provider that comes close to these guys. True specialists! Not to mention, you will be training over the great American SW…. Book it now and get it done!! Cmon!!

Alan Ramsey said:



I completed a CAMEL add-on w/ METB in December of 2021. Attending their Zoom ground school and studying their checklists/maneuver procedures before arriving allowed me to hit the ground running and soak up all of the great wisdom from Fred. He is a great instructor with tons of experience! He was stern when he needed to be, but there was no doubt that every second in the airplane he was on my side, coaching me towards proficiency. Throughout the week, Rob was consistently on-site and communicative about the training process. He made sure everything was smooth sailing and all my questions/concerns were addressed. Plus, the Twin Comanche is a joy to fly! Just like with any training environment, it’s on you to study and work hard in the airplane to hone your skills, however, METB makes sure you have all the tools, support, and resources to advance your flying career!


John Dalton said:


I had a great experience training with Fred and Rob. They have a no-nonsense "let's get 'er done" approach to flight training that works. If you come prepared you will succeed. I can't say enough about my instructor, Fred, and the owner, Rob.

Darren Rigsby said:


I appreciate the professionalism and instruction from Fred Gorrell and Rob Kocak. I did the accelerated multi rating from Feb. 19 to Feb. 23 with a weather delay on my check ride. Drinking from a fire hose is an understatement, but Fred's patience and instructing technique pulled it together for me with a successful check ride. Fantastic group of people and a fun aircraft to fly! Nothing but praise and admiration for the experiences and knowledge these guys have.

Nick Lara


This program gets your CAMEL done quickly in the best way possible. Rob and Davis Lille assisted with any questions I had and were always willing to make sure I was prepared heading into the checkride. Before your first flight lesson, you are given all the tools, training, knowledge, and materials that you need; however, it is an accelerated course so make sure you are willing to put in the work. Self-study (particularly concerning procedure profiles/flows) is a necessity in order to excel in this program. While Rob and the instructors are more than available to answer any and all questions you have, you must spend your own time studying the material and chair flying in order to become proficient enough to pass your ride. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone that is interested.

Tucker Siddoway Said:



I did my training in January of 2022. Can't recommend this place enough. Training is super fast but they leave absolutely nothing out. You will be prepared for the day of your check ride. I goofed on my check ride, purely my fault. Rob and Fred got me all set to do a quick training flight and recheck and I walked away with my CMEL. Be prepared and you will do just fine. I will be back to do some time building! Tucker S.

Rachel Yates


METB is an amazing team. The program proved itself thorough and effective through the years with so many successful cases. And most importantly, they care. When I need extra help, Rob and Davis went above and beyond, being so generous with their time and help to get me prepared. By the end of the training, I gained not only one more rating on the back of my certificate, but a precious friendship which would go a long way. I would recommend METB to anyone who needs any training or time building for their multi engine rating.

Rachel Marion said:


Rachel Marion


Rob and Davis were amazing! They both want you to succeed and it's clear that they have their training system down to a t! I highly recommend coming into training having already studied the maneuver flows and going through everything the PA-30 Downloads section of their website. Having most of the flows almost memorized by the time I started training really helped me to get the most out of my training. I'd also recommend if you're already a CFI to look at this as if you're an MEI. Doing that also really helped because it became more than just rote memorization. Best of luck to everyone! Thanks again, Rob & Davis! I will definitely be recommending people to go to you guys!

Bay Finch Said:


Went in with 270TT and got it done! Davis was a wonderful patient instructor! I plan on sending everyone I know that needs a multi rating to you guys. Thanks for everything Rob! -Bay Finch

Nate Benham


This course was terrific for me. It’s fast paced so the responsibility to show up already prepared (having studied section 7, 8 of the POH as well as knowing the V speeds and watching online YouTube clips for the ground portions for PAST & 23.149, airspace around KGEU) BEFORE YOU START is imperative for success. But if you’re able to do so, Rob, Davis, Fred, Jeremy & the team will prepare you to pass in as few as 5 days for your checkride and spend as little as possible. Their pricing as advertised to spend obtaining this rating is accurate. You’ll really enjoy flying their planes as well. They’re well maintained and fly beautifully. I was very happy with their service, their ability to teach & help me obtain my multi rating—and I’m not a pilot that always gets things easy. I often need a bit more practice than others. That’s how good these guys are if you come prepared.

Bergan Hugos


Bergan Hugos
Excellent experience. Rob and the instructor pilot do a great job of preparing you for the check ride. Do yourself a huge favor and prepare prior to your arrival. Review aircraft systems and become familiar with the maneuver profiles. We had one small hiccup with the alternator, but Rob was on top of it immediately to fix the problem. I am planning on heading back to Phoenix to complete my additional time build with Rob. Lastly, the examiner was great. He was pretty quiet on the flight and just let you do your thing.

Aaron Blunt


Aaron Blunt
I specifically sought out Multi Engine Time Building / Multi Engine Flight School because of their use of the PA-30 as a training plane. Little did I know, there were so many other reasons that this was the perfect training for me! I was sent a good amount of study material well before my scheduled class date. This allowed me to dial in the concepts of multi engine flying as well as work through a lot of the facts about the airplane. I dove in and spent between 15-20 hours in the weeks leading up to the course and Davis (one of the instructors here) gave me the freedom on our first flight to take control and gain context for what I had studied. From there, he polished up my knowledge and stick and rudder skills to make sure I was well above the ACS standards for the Commercial Airplane Multi-Engine Land rating. They also scheduled my check ride for me and kept a great schedule leading up to it to ensure that I wasn't overwhelmed with too much flying, but also not out of the cockpit too long before the test to be comfortable. It is a model that really promotes efficiency and rewards those that are dedicated to safety and learning. 10/10 would recommend!