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Multi Engine Flight School

Accelerated Multi Engine Rating

At Multi Engine Flight School, our goal is to train pilots to earn a multi-engine rating. For over 32 years, we have offered courses to pilots who are looking to learn and grow in their field. Read on to learn more about our multi-engine flight-training course and other course options.

Course Details

At Multi Engine Flight School, all of our instructors are also pilots who have been in your position, hoping to further their careers but needing the training to do so. With over 44 years of flying experience, our instructors want to see you succeed. We offer a 10-hour course to help you achieve an accelerated multi-engine rating.

This course is reasonably priced. We pay close attention to which planes we use for this training because the cost of fuel can add up when flying multi-engine planes - we choose the most fuel-efficient models for this course.

The cost of this course includes fuel, use of the aircraft, ground instruction and one on one instructor training. At Multi Engine Flight School, our aim is to provide you with the best training at the best price without compromising on quality.

Course Options

We offer a variety of multi engine courses to help you further your career as a pilot. We offer Commercial Multi with instruments, private multi with or without instruments, Airline Transport Pilot and Multi Engine Instructor.

If you are a pilot who is interested in a career or just need a multi engine rating for fun, contact Multi Engine Flight School in Phoenix, AZ, for more information today. Call us at (602) 369-3445.